Avoid Toxic Clients and Only Attract Ideal Ones with @iamjodyjelas

Getting freelance writing clients of your own is the only real path to financial success, as the mass market websites are a thoroughly depressing fight to the bottom. However, not every client is ideal for you and your business.

Check out Jody Jelas telling it like it is, as she shares her own take on what a toxic client looks like, and how to identify the difference between good clients, bad clients and ideal clients.

'It's your responsibility to not let other people's bullshit affect you', says @iamJodyJelas Click To Tweet

If you’re not a fan of the f-word, this may be a video to avoid. However, I am a great fan of it when it’s used appropriately and passionately, so I’m sharing it unapologetically!

What do you think? How do you spot a toxic client in your business?

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